Tips For Sharpening Your Rapport Skills

Following on from previous articles about rapport and how to improve it, here are some ways you can develop your sensory acuity and rapport skills. Remember, it’s one thing to read about NLP and to know about it intellectually, quite … Continue reading

Are NLP Rapport Techniques Manipulative?

Having discussed some practical applications of rapport techniques from NLP such as ‘pacing and leading’, we now come to the question of ‘Is it manipulative to use these methods?’ My belief is that ultimately it depends on your intention. If … Continue reading

When Is It Useful To Break Rapport?

We’ve established that there are lots of practical applications for rapport, and pacing and leading. So are there any times when you would want to break non-verbal rapport? Maybe to signal that a meeting or interview is over without having … Continue reading

How To Deal With Difficult Clients

If you’re a consultant, or a freelance professional like a web designer, independent trainer or graphic designer, you will have encountered your share of ‘difficult’ clients. Here are some tips for dealing with them and getting problems resolved. 1. Deal … Continue reading

Influencing Skills: Real-World Applications Of ‘Pacing And Leading’

The NLP idea of ‘pacing and leading’ is based on a genuine observed psychological phenomenon, and has some very useful applications in the real world. ‘Pacing’ in NLP means matching someone, falling into step with them, entering into their model … Continue reading

Leadership Emotional Intelligence Book Now Available

My new e-book, Leadership EQ: How To Lead With Emotional Intelligence, is now out. It’s the first in the ‘Quick Personal Development’ series, designed to provide no-frills, no-fluff answers for specific problems or challenges you may be facing. Here’s what … Continue reading

Metaphors: Practical NLP Podcast 44

Podcast: Play in new window This week’s podcast is a quick guide to how metaphors are used in NLP and how to create them. Featuring: How metaphor is fundamental to how we think and express ourselves Why an angry person … Continue reading

‘Feel, Felt, Found’ – How It Works And How To Use It Better

The ‘Feel, Felt, Found’ technique is a classic objection handling technique that most sales people know about. But how well you use it could make the difference between it working as intended, to effectively neutralise the objection in the customer’s … Continue reading

Practical NLP Podcast 43: Milton Model part 5

Podcast: Play in new window The final part in our epic series on the Milton Model covers some patterns with offputting names! But they are easier to understand and use than the names would suggest. So find out about: Examples … Continue reading

Would You Like To Take Part In Some Research On NLP?

Recently I posted some thoughts about NLP and research. As luck would have it, a new NLP research project is just starting up. So if you’re a therapist who uses NLP, would you like to take part in it? This … Continue reading