The one thing you need to know from improv comedy to make co-presenting work

How to stop co-presenting disasters – the one thing you need to know from improv comedy If you’re presenting or training with someone else, there’s one thing that both you and your co-trainer need to know to stop your training … Continue reading

Utilising and Changing Strategies: Practical NLP Podcast 47

Podcast: Play in new window This week we find out how to use a strategy that you have elicited – for example, finding out someone’s buying strategy and then using it to give the buyer the information they need to … Continue reading

The Best Way To Motivate Yourself With Self-Talk

You also need to know this if you use (or teach) self-hypnosis, or use affirmations. We now know that it makes a difference if you tell yourself “You can do it” or “I can do it”. A recent study by … Continue reading

How To Elicit A Strategy: Practical NLP Podcast 46

Podcast: Play in new window This week we look at how to use the TOTE model to elicit someone’s strategy – either for doing something that they are good at, or for having a problem. So strategies are useful both … Continue reading

The Coolest Meta Model Question You’ve Never Seen Before

Well you probably won’t have seen it in the context of the Meta Model anyway. Apologies for the attention-grabbing headline by the way, but I was *very* impressed with this question and I think you will be too. (For non-NLP … Continue reading

Questions In Coaching (4): ‘Chunking’ Up Or Down

Note: This article follows on from these others in the series: Questions in Coaching (1): Solution-focused or problem focused? Questions in Coaching (2): Presuppositions Questions in Coaching (3): Open versus closed questions Another important distinction in coaching questions is whether … Continue reading

Strategies And The TOTE Model: Practical NLP Podcast 45

Podcast: Play in new window This week we start to get to grips with ‘Strategies’ – our internal ‘programs’ for doing what we do, both problems and the things we’re good at – and the TOTE Model, the standard model … Continue reading

What does it mean to focus on ‘structure’ rather than ‘content’ in NLP?

This article was prompted by the above question from one of my readers, a trainer based in Iran. In NLP we are told that they best way to solve a problem, whether it’s a problem that someone would bring to … Continue reading

Five Ways To Relax Instantly Anywhere

Sometimes you need to relax when you’re out and about and it’s not convenient to take twenty minutes to lie down and relax totally: maybe on your way to a crucial appointment, in an interview, giving a presentation, or any … Continue reading

How To Work With The S.C.O.R.E. Model 7 June 2014

A one-day, small group course in Vilamoura, Portugal for coaches, consultants, facilitators and NLP Practitioners If you are a coach, consultant or facilitator and you would like an easy-to-use coaching and problem-solving model that you can also use with teams, … Continue reading