How To Solve Intractable Problems

If you’ve run out of ideas for solving a complex, intractable problem, try this exercise, drawn from the Appreciative Inquiry approach. It works by finding what’s already working well and building on it, rather than trying to analyse the causes … Continue reading

The NLP Spelling Strategy: Practical NLP Podcast 50

Is your spelling holding you back? Lots of people who thought they were just ‘naturally bad spellers’ have improved their spelling with the NLP Spelling Strategy. It turns out they weren’t naturally bad at all, they were just using a … Continue reading

How To Heal ‘Us And Them’ Rivalries

Ideas for eliminating ‘us and them’ thinking and damaging rivalries between teams and divisions within the same organisation. (Note: this article does not deal with worker/management mistrust, as the power relations involved add a whole other dimension, although some of … Continue reading

Chunking Down On The Buying Strategy: Practical NLP Podcast 49

Do you work in sales? Or, do you ever buy things? This week’s podcast looks in detail at our buying strategies. These can be ‘chunked down’ into four elements – motivation, decision, convincer and reassurance strategies. In particular, we consider some … Continue reading

Is Our Payment Process Secure?

Our online store is powered by, an established shopping cart system. Payments are processed by, a rapidly-growing alternative to PayPal (I switched from PayPal because Stripe offers a more streamlined customer experience that allows you to pay for your … Continue reading

Utilising and Changing Strategies: Practical NLP Podcast 47

This week we find out how to use a strategy that you have elicited – for example, finding out someone’s buying strategy and then using it to give the buyer the information they need to make the decision to buy … Continue reading