Utilising and Changing Strategies: Practical NLP Podcast 47

Podcast: Play in new window This week we find out how to use a strategy that you have elicited – for example, finding out someone’s buying strategy and then using it to give the buyer the information they need to … Continue reading

How To Elicit A Strategy: Practical NLP Podcast 46

Podcast: Play in new window This week we look at how to use the TOTE model to elicit someone’s strategy – either for doing something that they are good at, or for having a problem. So strategies are useful both … Continue reading

The Coolest Meta Model Question You’ve Never Seen Before

Well you probably won’t have seen it in the context of the Meta Model anyway. Apologies for the attention-grabbing headline by the way, but I was *very* impressed with this question and I think you will be too. (For non-NLP … Continue reading

Questions In Coaching (4): ‘Chunking’ Up Or Down

Note: This article follows on from these others in the series: Questions in Coaching (1): Solution-focused or problem focused? Questions in Coaching (2): Presuppositions Questions in Coaching (3): Open versus closed questions Another important distinction in coaching questions is whether … Continue reading

What does it mean to focus on ‘structure’ rather than ‘content’ in NLP?

This article was prompted by the above question from one of my readers, a trainer based in Iran. In NLP we are told that they best way to solve a problem, whether it’s a problem that someone would bring to … Continue reading