How To Solve Intractable Problems

If you’ve run out of ideas for solving a complex, intractable problem, try this exercise, drawn from the Appreciative Inquiry approach. It works by finding what’s already working well and building on it, rather than trying to analyse the causes … Continue reading

How To Heal ‘Us And Them’ Rivalries

Ideas for eliminating ‘us and them’ thinking and damaging rivalries between teams and divisions within the same organisation. (Note: this article does not deal with worker/management mistrust, as the power relations involved add a whole other dimension, although some of … Continue reading

Is Our Payment Process Secure?

Our online store is powered by, an established shopping cart system. Payments are processed by, a rapidly-growing alternative to PayPal (I switched from PayPal because Stripe offers a more streamlined customer experience that allows you to pay for your … Continue reading

Utilising and Changing Strategies: Practical NLP Podcast 47

Podcast: Play in new window This week we find out how to use a strategy that you have elicited – for example, finding out someone’s buying strategy and then using it to give the buyer the information they need to … Continue reading